Oh my gosh Cara! Had QUITE an experience with my dog Joy. Besides just the wonder and awe and beauty of talking with her, this experience also worked into lessons in self love.  Gosh, the fact that these 2 amazing and beautiful beings are willing to stay with me, one in physical form and one in spirit form... wow, it’s really humbling, but it must mean that I really AM worth something. If I’m worthy of their love, then I’m worthy of my love! 

Thank you for that class and the guided communication, which was simple and very clear, but profound. I felt really confident it was her, and not my imagination. Hugs and 💖 Micky

Are you ready to Connect with Your Pet Angel?

When I started teaching my techniques to others, I learned that the lessons Iko taught me can work for other people, too!

I’ve been teaching my private clients how to connect with their Pet Angels for years, and now you can follow the guidance from me (and Iko) in this unique, magical class.

Here’s your chance to re-connect and communicate with your beloved pet who has passed on.

"During the class, I connected with my horse Elite. I had a huge release of the guilt I was feeling, and I’m at peace now. This class was perfect, thank you!”


~ Cathy Buhr

Our pets are such ambassadors of love and hold a special place in our hearts always. And our connection with them continues no matter what happens and where we or they are. 

Even if you weren’t able to experience it live, the class replay and supporting materials will help you make the strongest connection possible with your pet angel(s).

In the class, we cover:

  • a meditation process to access your intuition and meet your pet
  • monitoring all of your intuitive senses when you connect
  • questions to ask your pet once you connect
  • how to trust what you get intuitively
  • what confirmation looks like, when it helps, and when it doesn't matter
  • and so much more!

“Feeling blessed – thank you, Dr. Cara! I loved the class today. It was wonderful being with my beloved Thunder and now knowing how to connect. I feel so blessed – thank you!”

- Glen Darlow, Canada

Connect with Your Pet Angel Class materials include:

~Custom worksheet
with space to write your pet’s answers to the questions asked during the call


~Class replay video
with all the questions and answers that came up on the live call

~BONUS audio recording
of the 40-minute guided meditation to connect with your
pet again or to connect with other pets who have passed


“I was totally amazed! My dog gave me messages of what his purpose was and I can totally understand what he said. He yelled his message to me about my life going forward and I actually heard it with my ears. He also gave me a message for someone else. This totally gives me hope that I will be able to communicate with all animals In the future. It was a wonderful class thank you so, so much!”

- Glenda Feilen

I’ll Be Your Guide…

Dr. Cara Gubbins - Author, Intuitive, Coach

Hi, I’m Dr. Cara Gubbins and I’ve been a professional Animal Communicator for ten years. When my 13-year old Australian shepherd Iko told me she had 2 weeks to live, I was devastated. I wondered how I would breathe. The evening after she passed, she came to me in spirit form and we connected as if she was in person! It was one of the greatest experiences of my whole life! I want you to have a similar experience with your beloved pet. In the Connect with Your Pet Angel Class, I’ll walk you through the process of connecting with your pet angel and facilitating a conversation between you and your pet who has passed. Here’s to your continuing relationship with that special soul!

Learn more about my work at  CaraGubbins.com

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