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Summit Interviews

  • Dawn Brunke

    The Fusion of Animal Teachers and Tarot

  • Randy Crutcher & Barb Horn

    Animal Teachers at Home: the Wisdom of Cats and Dogs

  • Dr. Steven Farmer

    How to Interpret Messages from Animal Spirit Guides

  • Kate the Daily Tarot Girl

    The #1 Secret to Intuitive Card Reading

  • Dr. Cara Gubbins

    The Intersection of Animal Communication and Animal Wisdom

  • Scott Alexander King

    The Secret and Symbolic Language of the Animals

  • Ona Christie Martin

    Discover Your Genius Zone with Spirit Animals

  • Sarah Seidelmann

    Spirit Animals

  • Barbara Techel

    Deepening Our Connection to Animals and to Ourselves

  • Linda Tucker

    Ignite Your LionHearted Leadership

Bonus Interviews!

  • Dawn Brunke

    2021 Forecast with the Animal Wisdom Tarot

  • Randy Crutcher & Barb Horn

    Cat and Dog Wisdom for Personal Growth

  • Dr. Steven Farmer

    Learning to Tune Into Animal Spirit Guides

  • Kate the Daily Tarot Girl

    How Cultivating Pleasure Made My Intuition Skyrocket

  • Dr. Cara Gubbins

    Channeling Animal Wisdom using the Animal Wisdom Oracle Cards

  • Scott Alexander King

    Following the Signs Afforded Us by the Animal Kingdom

  • Renee Kohn

    Healing through Humor

  • Ona Christie Martin

    Loving the Ugly Ones: Gifts from the Critters Everyone Loves to Hate

  • Sarah Seidelmann

    Divination with the "How Good Are You Willing to Let it Get?" Card Deck

  • Barbara Techel

    "Wisdom in the Paws" Oracle Card Reading

  • Linda Tucker

    The 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership

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The summit this time is even more mind-blowing than last time.  I'm not even half way thru, maybe 1/4 to 1/3.

What strikes me most is how many themes are reoccurring - from my own experience and from the different humans you interview mentioning the same principles but from different perspectives. Is this synchronicity or what?

Your interviewing is better than ever too, great questions and awesome follow up.

Thank you so much for the light you are bringing to the world.  You're amazing.

With gratitude and love, Elizabeth

PS  I'm in Paris now, and no electronic glitches of any kind!

Our Featured Cause

Over the course of two decades, The White Lion Trust has implemented a multi-level strategy which celebrates culture, advances social learning, uplifts the local living economy, and revives the biodiversity and dignity of human life and wildlife. They have partnered with

like-hearted people and organizations to restore

health and prosperity to the human world as well as abundance and security to the natural kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the summit for?

    This Summit is for animal lovers who want to help their pets, heal the planet, and grow spiritually to live their best lives.

  • When does the summit start?

    The Summit starts on January 25th, and you'll receive email reminders leading up to the event. 

  • How long can I access the summit with the free ticket?

    Each day of the Summit (January 25-26, 2021), that day's content will become available to all pass holders. Free pass holders will have access to that day's content up to 24 hours before it's locked away inside the membership area for All-Access Pass holders. 

  • How can I buy the All-Access Pass?

    You can buy the All-Access Pass by clicking on the button below.

  • What is the format of the summit?

    The Summit's content includes pre-recorded video interviews between Dr. Cara Gubbins and the guest experts.

  • Have other questions?

    Feel free to send our team an email anytime at

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